Anonymous whispered: Benny is so friendly, but is there anyone that even he doesn't like?


Come motivate me to draw really fast!

Anonymous whispered: I kind of laughed when Metatron said "Ive seen cuter" to Gadreel. Where did he see cuter? Certainly not in the mirror. (im sorry for being mean to babies but this little shit hurt all the angels)

Anonymous whispered: You guys ever try origami? Like, paper swans and stuff? Maybe you could try making paper angels :)

Anonymous whispered: can we have crowley giving sammy a hug?

Anonymous whispered: Do Meg and Castiel ever cuddle?

Anonymous whispered: How many asks are in your queue?

Like, to be posted? Usually 14 a week. There’s only 10 this week, cuz I had to cut the stream early for work. As far as my inbox, there’s currently 2,099 questions waiting to be answered. Some won’t be for various reasons.

5-seconds-of-supernaturl whispered: Cas as a princess, Dean's his knight saving him from dragon Crowley?

((Sorry about the repost, I had to put the pic to the correct question. Hope this isn’t too confusing for anyone that already reblogged it.))

Yeeeeah, I just realized that I answered the wrong question with this last pic. Sorry about that. It was supposed to be something about Knight!Dean saving Princess!Cas from Dragon!Crowley. I’ll prolly fix it if I can find the right question.

belwinchester whispered: Who reads Michael and Lucifer stories.