Anonymous whispered: Do Sammy and Benny get along any better?


I drew a little destiel for y’all! I’m really proud! I can’t take all the credit though. I used some of the work from askbabynatural to help me!

((Ahh, cuties~ ))

Anonymous whispered: How do the babies feel about Dora and other shows like that?

Anonymous whispered: Awwwh... we see a lot of Dean protecting Sammy, but what if Sammy being protective of Dean when Growley is scaring him?


Babies, this time. No telling what happens after that. 9u9

thelittlearchangelthatcould whispered: I swear baby Sammy is just the cutest little thing. *gives him a bubble wand*

weve-never-been-alive whispered: Does Dean steal his Dad's jacket sometimes? I bet he keeps it under his bed and Johnhas no idea where it is! :)

lifeshouldbeaboutpie whispered: Are Sam and Dean able to reach and sneak cookies from the counter? xx :)

Anonymous whispered: Has Gabe ever tried to "help" his brothers fit in fashion-wise?

awkwardcatthingofquotev whispered: Hi, Cas. I made you a little bee plushie. I hope you like it! ^w^"""