crowleywife whispered: Does Crowley ever hold Castiel's hand? <3

akingwithnoname submitted: Your bee hoodie inspired me

((Super cute! I really like that outfit, I’m pretty lame at baby fashion, but that’s really adorable. :D ))

Anonymous whispered: Baby jo and dean getting in trouble with Ellen?

Anonymous whispered: Is baby Samandriel afraid of needles? I imagine it because of what Crowley did to him.

thisshipcray whispered: How do Garth, Kevin and Charlie get along?

girlwhodreamed13 whispered: How does Lucifer feel about naps?

greenmage128 whispered: Since Adam likes nomming on not-edible things, has he ever tried to nom on one of the angel's wings?

gaezedkriel whispered: Has baby Sammy, Dean, or Cas ever tried to steal Crowley's pinwheel?

artemesia4 whispered: *Shows baby Michael YouTube*