Anonymous whispered: Do baby soulless Sam and Lucifer get along?

littleblackmariah whispered: Quick somebody hug Lucifer!

jaaawwwnnn-sherlock whispered: How much does baby Dean love pie?

shotgunsandtardis-fallen-angel whispered: Is demon Dean ever around when someone is cooking? Especially when there's salt involved?

Anonymous whispered: Dean are you still mad about your first box Impala?

Anonymous whispered: Baby Garth giving baby Cas a kiss? :3

Anonymous whispered: Cas, who's better at cuddles: Dean or duckies?


awhellcastiel whispered: Are there any reapers hanging about? Maybe Tessa?:)

Anonymous whispered: *sneakily gives Luci a box of firecrackers*

Anonymous whispered: Are the babies allowed to have pizza?