the-nerdinator whispered: *gives Dean an octopus*

girlwhodreamed13 submitted:

Did a quick paint of Dean. Not sure what happened to his ear and arm.

Also I love your blog and all of the babies! I’m even freehanding a bunch of them. I’m thinking of submitting those too when I’m done.

((Aww yay! Thank you!))

Anonymous whispered: Could you draw dean in a bunny suit please? and maybe cas in a ducky suit?

Anonymous whispered: How bitter is Kevin really?


Yay my shirt came in yesterday c:


Anonymous whispered: How does Cassie use his wings as an advantage (besides flying)?

melissamelody whispered: Baby Abadon there to cause massive problems?

winchestercaptains submitted: I tried to draw in your style in paint… Cas is a little older and can fly some!

((Yay! Fly, Cas, fly!))

danosaurzonaspaceship whispered: Hey baby!charlie, have you ever heard of Dr.Horribles sing Along blog

Anonymous whispered: will cas and dean go easter egg hunting?