the-nerdinator submitted:

Dean slumped down on his blue beanbag, letting out a loud huff. Gabriel craned his next from where he was curled up on his own beanbag reading a comic.

"What’s the matter, Dean?"

Dean huffed again, folding his arms over his chest and pouting as best a seven-year-old could. “Cas and Benny are fighting again.”

"Oh… What about?"

"About who gets to be my friend. They’re both my friends! I want to play with both of them! But they always fight, and they forget to play with me because they’re fighting all the time."

Gabriel hummed loudly, magicing a chocolate bar from nowhere, handing it over to Dean. “That sounds really… lame. Isn’t there something you can do?”

Dean shrugged. “Like what? I don’t want to have to play with Cas one day and Benny the next…”

"Why don’t you… get them to work together?"

"How? They hate each other."

Gabriel suddenly jumped up, floating in the air like he usually did, a huge grin on his face. “I have an idea! It’s a great idea! Don’t worry, Dean, I’ll make them friends!”

Gabriel popped into the playroom, his little eyes looking for his younger brother. He found him playing with his dolls in the corner, a content smile on his face. He flapped over, putting on his best panicked face.

"Cas! Quick!"

Castiel’s head shot up. “What is it?”

"Dean! He’s in trouble!"


He shot to his feet, running after Gabriel as he led the way. They ran all the way to the pond, Cas screeching to a halt at the waters edge. In the middle of the pond was an island; on the island was a tall treel; and in the tree was Dean, clung to the tree trunk, screeching as loud as he could.

"What happened?!" Castiel demanded, looking around for a way to get over the water.

"I think it was Raphael. Dean said something and Raph put him there."

Castiel got even more panicky. “Can you go get him?”

Gabriel shook his head. “I can’t swim all the way over there and get him out of the tree, he’s too heavy.”

"What can I do?!"

"Benny? He’s got a boat, hasn’t he?"

Castiel glared, sending Gabriel reeling with the murderous look in the young angel’s eyes. “I’m not asking Benny for help,” he seethed. Gabriel rolled his eyes.

"This isn’t about you and Benny liking each other, Castiel! This is about Dean!"

"I suppose…"

"Go find Benny, I’ll shout you if Dean falls out of the tree."

Castiel nodded, running away as fast as his little legs would carry him. He returned a few moments later, Benny following behind with his little row boat. Gabriel smirked.

"If you rwo you two across the pond, Benny, Castiel should be able to fly up and get Dean, and you stand at the bottom in case you need to catch them."

Benny nodded, pushing his boat into the water. Neither he or Castiel argued or said a mean word as they climbed into the boat, Benny rowing them across the water. Castiel tried to be brave as they crossed the water, putting his trust into the vampire to not send him overboard.

When they got to the island Castiel dived out of the boat, flapping his wings as hard as he could. Dean was still screeching up in the tree.

"Don’t worry, Dean! Castiel is coming for you!" Benny shouted. Up in the tree, Dean cracked a watery eye open, just in time to see Castiel flap his way up onto the branch he was stuck on.


Castiel forced a smile onto his face, shuffling along the branch, throwing his arms around his friend. “It’s okay, Dean. Me and Benny are here. We’ve come to save you… Close your eyes and grab hold of me, Dean. I’ll get you down safe.”

Dean scrunched his eyes shut again, clinging harder to the tree. “No. It’s too high, Cas!”

"Do as he says, Dean! I’ll catch you if you fall!" Benny shouted up. Castiel nodded, pulling on Dean’s shoulder.

"Come on, Dean, you’re safe now."

Letting out a quiet whimper, Dean slipped his arms from the tree trunk, quickly reaching out for the angel, clinging to him as tight as he could. Castiel pet Dean’s hair a few times before holding onto Dean just as tight, starting to flap his wings. They slowly began to fly down, Dean’s little fingers digging into Cas’ back. As they neared the bottom Castiel’s wings began to get tired until they were unable to hold them up. They fell to the ground, but their fall was broken by Benny, who’d tried his hardest to catch them.

"We’ve got you, Dean! You’re okay now," Benny mumbled, keeping a tight grip around both Dean and Castiel. It took Dean a while before he felt safe enough to open his eyes; he wriggled out of Cas and Benny’s arms but instantly threw his arms around them, pulling them into a tight hug.

"Thank you! Thank you for saving me!"

"Of course we’d save you, Dean, you’re our friend," Cas smiled. Dean grinned back.

"You worked together! You put your hate of each other away to save me!"

Benny scuffed his shoe on the floor. “Castiel’s not that bad really… for an angel.”

Castiel frowned, looking between Dean and Benny. “Well… I suppose… I mean, if you like him Dean…”

"You’ll… be friends? For me?"

Castiel nodded. “Yes, Dean. If it makes you happy.”

Dean laughed, pulling his two friends into another hug, the three of them falling to the floor laughing.