Anonymous whispered: Do Sam and Ruby get along?

Anonymous whispered: Crowley, do you have any other demon friends?

Anonymous whispered: Cas, are you and Kevin friends yet?!

imactuallyatimelord whispered: What does Gabriel feed Sir Platington the First?

Anonymous whispered: Is Lucifer protective of Sam?

enter-crafty-username-here whispered: These are really cute ☺️☺️☺️ does baby!Cas enjoy watching cartoons with baby!Dean?

raining-honey whispered: Meg and Cas with the bees?

doyouloveourjewelboy whispered: I FEEL LIKE BABY LUCI NEEDS SOME ATTENTION /showers luce with love

caramel-and-me whispered: How do the Baby Ghostfacers feel 'bout the Baby Winchesters?

tambre whispered: When the babies are all hanging out, who picks the music? :) [sorry for the double submission -- I sent it through incorrectly the first time :( ]