Anonymous whispered: Do Charlie and Benny ever get along?

Anonymous whispered: Does Michael give good hugs?

Anonymous whispered: Who stole the pie?

crowleywife whispered: Does baby!Crowley ever snuggle with puppy Growley?

Anonymous whispered: sammy. please. hug lucifer. or balthazar, or gabriel. actually... just hug an angel. please sammy, hug an angel.


Anonymous whispered: I love baby!Crowley's outfit. But what does he change into if his usual one gets dirty? Does he have backup?

Anonymous whispered: Hello Ariel! The other babies are treating you well, I suppose?

planestrainsandeyeliner whispered: What does Sammy think of the bath? How about Adam?

Anonymous whispered: Can we see baby!Jane(the nephilim girl; that's her name according to the episode's credits) playing with baby!Cas and !Metatron?

shadownashira whispered: Who is Kevin's favourite angel? Do they play together?